“You were brilliant. We could have listened to far more…beautiful harmony and voices…thank you so very much”

Audience feedback, West Kent Womens' Institute AGM, March 2017

“This was just magical….I just wanted to listen to your flow of song”

“What a shimmering and elegant tone quality you make”

“This had drive and energy but also had grace and purity of tone….fine work indeed!”

Feedback from the adjudicator on our performances, The Bournemouth Music Competitions Festival, June 2015

“@gsbsingers sang beautifully together and from the heart. Heartily enjoyed!”

“…the audience were mesmerised by @gsbsingers tonight”

“@gsbsingers sing Billy Joel and have the room in a stunned silence”

“Beautiful moving pieces by the Green Street Blues singers”

Tweets following our performances, The Roundhouse/Voices Now Festival, January/May 2015