Z Love to Sing 2022

Love to Sing Course Spring 2022

Have you sung in a choir before, and want to get back to singing?  Do you need a new challenge?  Would you like to try out a cappella singing?  Have you always wondered if there is more to your voice than you have ever discovered?  

Our Love to Sing course is designed to let you try out our style of singing with no strings attached.  We love what we do, and we think you will too. 

So, what is it that you do?

We sing in four-part a cappella, across a vast range of types and styles of music.  Whatever you are into, we probably sing a song you love.  

The four parts cover the whole female range from low alto to soprano.  

What if I don’t know what type of voice I have?

Don’t worry – we will support you to explore where your voice fits, and what you enjoy the most.

What is a cappella anyway?

It is simply singing without instruments.  Our voices are our instruments.  It is an amazing experience to stand in the middle of a pure chord, comprised only of human voice.  It’s hard to explain, but such an amazing thing to be part of.

When and where is it?

Four Tuesday evenings, starting on 26th April, at 7pm. 

Central Sevenoaks at The Drive Methodist Church.

What will we be doing?

Our fabulous Musical Director, Victoria will be working with us together on our skills, and we will be learning a brand new song (Beyonce’s Halo). At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to perform to friends and family in our beautiful rehearsal venue.  

How are we going to learn the song?

We have sheet music, and audio tracks, so you can learn however works for you.  There will be support in rehearsals, and you will have the materials to take home to practise.

I’m a musician, but I’ve never really tried singing, will I be ok?

Yes! Lots of our members started out as instrumentalists, and found that they could apply their musical skills to singing too.

How much does it cost?

The course is totally free. 

Can I bring a friend? 

Singing with friends is the best way to enjoy it.  Numbers for the course are limited though, so do get in contact.

What if I don’t know anyone? 

It’s absolutely fine.  We are a very friendly bunch, and you will soon feel like one of the girls.  

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